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Hi, I’m Margarita. I’m a massage therapist turn freelance writer. Most of my days are spent with my teenage daughter, dog, and a cup of coffee -creamer only please! I’m here to give you a Southern perspective all the while living in a Northern world.

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My Constant Companion, The Darkness.

The big ‘D’ word no-one wants to hear about, and yet we all fight the same battle just in different forms… meet Depression. It feels like you’re numb all over. One of the best ways for me to describe how I feel when my good ‘ol friend depression comes to visit me is numb. It’s … Continue reading “My Constant Companion, The Darkness.”

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Things To Be Thankful For In 2020

No matter which pieces of your life that 2020 has taken away, there is always something to be thankful for After the loss of my stepfather this year, I am more thankful for my family than anything. When you have someone who was considered a pillar in your family taken from you it makes it … Continue reading “Things To Be Thankful For In 2020”

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4 Morning Habits To Help Put A Little Pep In Your Step

Forget hitting the alarm multiple times. Try this instead! 1) No more “beep…beep…beeeeep” for you! Switching out your typical alarm beeping for some music is the route to go. Let’s think this through, you know you have to wake up the next morning and you know that dreaded alarm is going to sound. When it … Continue reading “4 Morning Habits To Help Put A Little Pep In Your Step”

Thank You To The Men In My Life!

A shot out to the manly men in my life who never made it a dull moment. PAPI: Thank you for being the first man to ever love me. To show me what it means to be loved and respected as a girl first and then as a woman. Thank you for being a no-nonsense … Continue reading “Thank You To The Men In My Life!”


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