Who I am

Hi. My name is Margarita Colón. I’m a blog writer, article writer, and B2B writer living in Upstate NY.

I moved to NY from NC February of 2020 to close the gap in a long distance relationship. I am a licenses massage therapist turn freelance writer. I have a 13 yr old daughter and a 2 yr old pit-bull. Apparently I love punishment 😊.

I had my own successful business as a massage therapist, but switched gears to freelance writing here in NY. I am still part of the ‘massage world’ just through my writing now. What better way to educate than write about it?

That applies to all revenues of life. After owning my own business, I understand the value of the client/writer relationship.

By being relentless, curious, and driven makes me a great writer for you. I do freelance work, blog writing, and B2B writing. I will be doing case studies and product reviews soon-yay- I’m looking forward to those!

hire me for:

Freelance writing

Looking for an article/ column for your magazine, newspaper, website or for you blog? I’m the writer for you that can make or contribute to that extra ‘oomph’ factor!

case studies

Do you have a nutritional or diet plan, a workout challenge, a nutritional study, or a product that requires a long time study? Let me be your writer.

We will go over testimonies, expectations, etc. from all sides to make sure you have quality writing you are looking for.

B2B writing

Looking for a writer who has experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, health and wellness, alternative medicine, massage therapy, and pain management?

Email me and lets discuss what you are looking for!

product review

If you have a product geared to women (ethnic or non-ethnic), a dog lover, mother of a teen, southern living, nature enthusiast, health oriented, food or coffee… let me be your ‘guinea pig’ and write for you!

Contact me even if you are a ‘fan’ of my writing, but not sure if I am a ‘fan’ of your product. Let’s talk and find out together!

Let’s make something together!